Young Social Workers

Young social workers’ survey

People who have been in the social work profession for a while make a lot of assumptions about young social workers. I’ve heard some people say that young social workers are different from previous generations, that they are less radical, less committed to social change. I’ve also heard them say that young social workers have […]

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Pasifika dancer

Success for Pacific learners

This research project examined the impact of the 3 successive NZ government tertiary education strategies on support for Pacific learners. Findings show that the Pasifika objectives within each of the 3 strategies are considered to be an important signal to Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) that success for Pasifika learners is a significant and continuing government priority […]

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Network Society

Human services in the Network Society

The internet and networked technologies (from mobile phones to client information  systems) are now a taken for granted way of conducting business in all organisations, including human service organisations. This textbook explores some of the social, ethical and organisational issues associated with the rise of the network society. This Routledge textbook on Human Services in the […]

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